Willow’s Words 2: Hello to Tooth Cat

While I wasn’t looking, my daughter became a friggin’ genius. At least, that’s how it seems to me. Everything comes so easily to her: words, numbers, letters, imaginative play. I’m so used to the feeling of working so hard to help Billy accomplish those normal milestones that when Willow does something completely normal it seems like magic. Like a miracle.

She’s known her alphabet for months now. You know, the little ABC song. But then about a month ago, she started to show us that she knew letters out of context as well. And she knows most of their sounds. When she’s in a really good mood, she can count to sixteen (I don’t know why sixteen; maybe she’s already counting the years till she can drive), sing six or so songs, name every member of our family, half a dozen colors and use a few short phrases: “He sweet.” “I hold this.” “Read it.” “No more letters.” And “Wucky. It stinks.” That last one was her review of broccoli.

She even happily asks to brush her teeth with her Hello Kitty toothbrush: “Teeth! Teeth! I hold Tooth Cat.” (Hello Kitty is now and forever always “Tooth Cat” in our house.)