My First Experience to Join Marathon Event

I remember my first time to be involved in a marathon event was on June 2017. It was not just a marathon event where athletes run to represent their nation or to win an award? It was a marathon event organized by a group of well wishers for supporting people with poor heart conditions to get medication. The name of that marathon event was known as Run for Heart. This was to pass the message to people who wish to participate that the main reason for that marathon was to help people who can’t afford medication for heart disorders. It was a 21km race and the application fee was $10 per person and that money was not awarded all of it to the winner but just part of it. This event attracted many people including some famous athletes from different regions and also local leaders.

Organizers did cater for running clothes only but the sports shoes were not being given. The person who had applied to participate in the marathon was recommended to report with their own sports shoes. My previous sport shoe had already worn out so I phoned my friend who used to be an athlete to accompany me to a shop so that he can help me to choose a well sport shoe for the marathon. I did this to avoid buying shoe which will not make me comfortable while running. I had to choose a well size shoe that can fit me very well and also has to be of light weight so as to allow me to move with a good pace.

The day which the marathon event was set to start reached and everyone who had applied was there at the start line. Sports shoes were worn of different types by the athletes. More than hundreds athletes turned up for that event. Before we started we were reminded of the activities that will be taking place so as to avoid any accidents that may occur during the race. The shots went off and everyone started running. It was my first time to attend a long marathon of 21km because I was only used to run for short marathons of about 5km. I started very well but reaching the half of the race I couldn’t be able to continue the race.

This was because I was not used in running these long races and I was not very comfortable with the shoe I was wearing. Thanks to for help with the choice. Before starting the race I tightened my shoe very hard so that it can fit me very well. This was a mistake since my feet started to sweat making me feel a little bit uncomfortable. I loosen my shoe and then continued running towards the finish line. This wasn’t very easy but it was a very hard experience to me. I finished top 100 at that marathon event. Though it was not easy to run a 21km race, I really had a lot of fun and experience. I will keep training for long races so that I can be well prepared for marathon like this that will be held in future.