Car Drama

Mr. Chris Schaffer, 28, who was driving from his girlfriend’s home in Alabama was discovered around 1:00 am sleeping helplessly in his Ford Flex, moments before the car blew up and burned into ashes.

According to a statement from the local sheriff, Mr. Schaffer was discovered in a nearby thicket lying unconscious and in what appeared to be a drunken stupor. It was not immediately clear why the lone passenger in a 6 passenger vehicle had swerved off the road as there were no signs of anyone else on the scene. According to information from close sources within the local sheriff department, Mr. Schaffer has previously served for DUI so there were sufficient grounds to believe he was driving under the influence. The officers who were on their regular patrols noticed some clear and fresh skid marks and upon following them, they discovered the man in his now badly smashed and nearly overturned Ford Flex.

It was at the height of the confusion that one of the sheriffs noticed a leaking tank and called on his colleagues to rescue the man from the imminent danger. As soon as he was brought to safety and just before a tow truck could be called, there was a loud blast and the officers drew back and watched helplessly as the posh SUV went up in flames.

It may take some time for the motive for the accident to come to the fore because as late as 4:00 am same morning, the man was still in coma. The doctors attending to him asked for ample time to administer the right treatment before he can be discharged to face possible DUI charges. His girlfriend has since been question by the authorities and while she confirmed that Mr. Schaffer was indeed driving from her apartment that fateful evening, she denied ever having a confrontation with him or ever engaging him in any conversation that may have compromised his concentration on the road.

Considered one of the latest and the most lavish SUVs on our roads today, the Ford Flex is indeed a dream car for many. But considering the circumstances under which Mr. Schaffer was discovered, we can guess he will have a lot of chasing around with the insurance guys as soon as he gets better. But that may perhaps be the least of his worries as he will have to prove innocent to the charges that may be preferred against him even before he can think of filing an insurance claim.