Music is a must-have in a child’s life

In case you are searching for a fun approach to motivate your children to peruse and study, it is very fitting to utilize music for children. As a whole, music has an incredible impact and advantages to the development of children. There is a developing measure of evidence that music assumes an essential part for our kids. It assists in immediate learning of the kid to speak at beginning period of childhood and therefore enhancing the information of a tyke about the outside world. Music for children is consequently an appreciated sound in the homes of mindful and adoring parents who need the best for their children.

Impact of Music for Children

We cannot preclude the beneficial outcomes from securing music for children. Experts say beyond any doubt of about the ability of music to harness scholarly and emotional energies and enhance them to the most extreme, enabling children to have elevated reactions. Hence, uncovering music for children is very fundamental for their intelligence and additionally their social being or emotional development.

Music is very beneficial for the instruction of children. Through music, children and even grown-ups can all the more effortlessly remember certainties. Songs can be utilized to learn phonics rules, math certainties, the way of life skills thus much more.

Music for children can likewise enhance imagination. As a tyke, when we hear a song that touches on things familiar and emblematic of everyday life, for example, a most loved shading, animal, or sustenance, we start to envision and extend our imagination.

Music for children enhances social skills. As a youngster, when we take in words to a song it builds certainty. From the minute the song starts we know we can inspire our parents, grandparents, and companions by chiming in with the song. We end up plainly alright with moving to the music and figure out how to cooperate with individuals through it. It gives an apparatus to advance our social skills and communicate on larger amounts.

My First Experience to Join Marathon Event

I remember my first time to be involved in a marathon event was on June 2017. It was not just a marathon event where athletes run to represent their nation or to win an award? It was a marathon event organized by a group of well wishers for supporting people with poor heart conditions to get medication. The name of that marathon event was known as Run for Heart. This was to pass the message to people who wish to participate that the main reason for that marathon was to help people who can’t afford medication for heart disorders. It was a 21km race and the application fee was $10 per person and that money was not awarded all of it to the winner but just part of it. This event attracted many people including some famous athletes from different regions and also local leaders.

Organizers did cater for running clothes only but the sports shoes were not being given. The person who had applied to participate in the marathon was recommended to report with their own sports shoes. My previous sport shoe had already worn out so I phoned my friend who used to be an athlete to accompany me to a shop so that he can help me to choose a well sport shoe for the marathon. I did this to avoid buying shoe which will not make me comfortable while running. I had to choose a well size shoe that can fit me very well and also has to be of light weight so as to allow me to move with a good pace.

The day which the marathon event was set to start reached and everyone who had applied was there at the start line. Sports shoes were worn of different types by the athletes. More than hundreds athletes turned up for that event. Before we started we were reminded of the activities that will be taking place so as to avoid any accidents that may occur during the race. The shots went off and everyone started running. It was my first time to attend a long marathon of 21km because I was only used to run for short marathons of about 5km. I started very well but reaching the half of the race I couldn’t be able to continue the race.

This was because I was not used in running these long races and I was not very comfortable with the shoe I was wearing. Thanks to for help with the choice. Before starting the race I tightened my shoe very hard so that it can fit me very well. This was a mistake since my feet started to sweat making me feel a little bit uncomfortable. I loosen my shoe and then continued running towards the finish line. This wasn’t very easy but it was a very hard experience to me. I finished top 100 at that marathon event. Though it was not easy to run a 21km race, I really had a lot of fun and experience. I will keep training for long races so that I can be well prepared for marathon like this that will be held in future.

What movie are we seeing again?

We took the kids to see Toy Story 3 today. Awesome. Really, it was one of the best films I’ve seen in a

long time, and Dave and I both wept at the end. (Looking at me curiously, Billy said, “Mama has a hurchy eye.”)

My problem is with the pre-show. We are a well-oiled machine, with a meticulously timed schedule. I don’t waste one minute more than I have to on the pre-movie countdown, because I have only a certain amount of hidden snacks and juice in the diaper bag, and they have to keep the kids happy for the whole film.

Once the lights went down and the trailers started, I was pulling out raisins and graham crackers and goldfish and thermoses as quietly as I could when Billy announced loudly, “We’re having a picnic!” Hey, it’s not my fault my kid is a picky eater and would rather eat crayons than popcorn. When they start stocking graham crackers at the snack counter, I’ll start paying the $7.50 to buy it from them … maybe.

Anyway, half an hour later, we had been sitting through previews for some of the most abysmal looking child entertainment I could imagine when Billy turned to me and said, “I want to go home.”

Yeah, I don’t blame you.

There really should be tighter controls on how many commercials they can run at the beginning of kids’ films. I used to look forward to trailers. Now I’m so exhausted by the end of them that I can rarely remember what movie we were going to see.

Luckily for us, Toy Story 3 started right about the time Billy’s patience ran out, and he loved it so much that as soon as the lights came up at the end, he shouted, “More Buzz Lightning! Fast-forward please!” (what he tells us at home when commercials come on during our DVR-ed copies of TS 1 & 2).

Toys Story 3 was great. But here’s a warning: If the previews of upcoming films are anything to go by, we parents are in for a rough few months this fall.

Lancome lip glosses review and swatches

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Car Drama

Mr. Chris Schaffer, 28, who was driving from his girlfriend’s home in Alabama was discovered around 1:00 am sleeping helplessly in his Ford Flex, moments before the car blew up and burned into ashes.

According to a statement from the local sheriff, Mr. Schaffer was discovered in a nearby thicket lying unconscious and in what appeared to be a drunken stupor. It was not immediately clear why the lone passenger in a 6 passenger vehicle had swerved off the road as there were no signs of anyone else on the scene. According to information from close sources within the local sheriff department, Mr. Schaffer has previously served for DUI so there were sufficient grounds to believe he was driving under the influence. The officers who were on their regular patrols noticed some clear and fresh skid marks and upon following them, they discovered the man in his now badly smashed and nearly overturned Ford Flex.

It was at the height of the confusion that one of the sheriffs noticed a leaking tank and called on his colleagues to rescue the man from the imminent danger. As soon as he was brought to safety and just before a tow truck could be called, there was a loud blast and the officers drew back and watched helplessly as the posh SUV went up in flames.

It may take some time for the motive for the accident to come to the fore because as late as 4:00 am same morning, the man was still in coma. The doctors attending to him asked for ample time to administer the right treatment before he can be discharged to face possible DUI charges. His girlfriend has since been question by the authorities and while she confirmed that Mr. Schaffer was indeed driving from her apartment that fateful evening, she denied ever having a confrontation with him or ever engaging him in any conversation that may have compromised his concentration on the road.

Considered one of the latest and the most lavish SUVs on our roads today, the Ford Flex is indeed a dream car for many. But considering the circumstances under which Mr. Schaffer was discovered, we can guess he will have a lot of chasing around with the insurance guys as soon as he gets better. But that may perhaps be the least of his worries as he will have to prove innocent to the charges that may be preferred against him even before he can think of filing an insurance claim.

Is it my birthday yet?

I thought I was turning 40 this week. That’s how stressed out I’ve been; I lost a year.

I’m actually going to be 39 on Friday. I still get excited about my birthday. Dave calls it “Mandi Awareness Month,” because I start reminding him well in advance of the big day and make it very clear what my expectations are: a birthday card made by the kids, a cake with candles that Billy can blow out, a second DVR for our bedroom, and a trip to some place with daily maid service and a heated pool.

But this year has been a little different. Or at least, this month has been a little different. It’s been tougher, more stressful.

I want to be honest about the stress and the hard times, because I always write about our breakthroughs, our happy moments and our family’s abundant joy. Those moments are worth writing about. But so are the hard times.

A few things Mama learned during Spring Break

I’ve been a bit remiss about blogging during the past week, but cut me some slack. It was Spring Break, and even though we stayed in Tallahassee, I was bound and determined to make it a memorable week for the kids. We went to the Tallahassee Museum, a traveling carnival in the mall parking lot, visited a creepy Easter Bunny and had a practice egg hunt with our friend EJ and his mom. And during the course of the week, this is what I learned from my kids:

Beans will grow absolutely anywhere … except in a plant pot. I planted a pot of them too early in the year, sat the pot in the weak sunlight of one of our back windows and watched their sad little sprouts reach feebly for the light before withering and dying.

Billy, on the other hand, scattered dry lentils liberally around the yard while playing with them. (He likes to scoop them up out of an empty coffee canister and filter them through his fingers.) Now we have a yard full of wild lentils. It’s kind of a beautiful metaphor really: Wherever he skips and plays, life springs straight up out of the ground.

If you push a double stroller with 75 pounds of child in it, you don’t need any other workout.

It’s really hard to explain the Easter story about Jesus’ resurrection in a child-friendly way. Billy still gets upset when the Backyardigans go over the rickety bridge. It’s much easier to explain why a rabbit delivers eggs (because he’s magic).

Easter egg coloring can be really boring. Egg peeling, though, is a great sensory activity.

Florida panthers are not black. But they are incredibly beautiful. Foxes sleep in the morning. So do alligators and skunks and black bears. They sleep a lot. And yelling, “Hey, bear,” doesn’t wake them up. I swear, though, one of them lifted up his paw and gave me the equivalent of the bear middle finger.

Yoga is a lot more fun with a kid. “Namaste” (NAH-mas-TAY) is Billy’s new favorite word … followed closely by “Mamaste,” one he made up which seems to mean “Mama should do Downward Facing Dog while I jump on her back.”

Carnies don’t care about autism. If you’re taller than 48 inches, you’re not going in the spinning teacup.

The mall Easter Bunny is still just as terrifying as he was when I was a kid. To me.

The entire Disney “Cars” story, all 782 words of it, by heart. We read it at nap time and at bed time every day. I’m starting to see secret messages in the text, like the Da Vinci Code, Pixar-style.

Every moment can be a teaching moment — but every moment doesn’t HAVE to be. Sit down and take a deep breath sometimes. This was Billy’s lesson to me when he laid down on the floor in the middle of a lesson about rabbits and how mammals don’t actually lay eggs, put his hands over his ears and begged, “Please stop talking!” After that, we went outside and had a shaving cream fight.

And finally and most importantly, I learned that I can do this. I’m not proud of it, but at the beginning of the week, I was terrified of Spring Break. I panicked that I wouldn’t be able to handle having both kids home all day every day, that Billy would somehow regress and become more autistic, that I would take him back to school on Monday and his teacher would ask, “What did you do to him?”

Instead, we’ve had our best week ever. Yesterday morning, he jumped into my bed, threw his arms around me and shouted, “You’re my angel! I love you so much!” I can’t wait until school lets out for summer.

A pumpkin is more dangerous than you think

Billy’s got a black eye again this week. It’s not his first, and most certainly not his last.

It’s never a normal accident that causes these publicly obvious injuries. Clearly, people are going to ask how my four-year-old got his black eye. I’d like to be able to say something run-of-the-mill like “He fell off his bike.” But no; I have to say this: “He was balancing on two bowling pins while holding a pumpkin and then he fell off and hit his face on his wooden advent calendar.”

There was a time when I tried to lie. Instead of telling people that he was wearing one of my high heels and got his foot stuck in the staircase railing, I would say, “He slipped on the stairs.”

But after a while, the frequency of times he “slipped on the stairs” or “ran into a door” started to make me sound like a battered wife – or more like one of those characters on Lifetime movies who have the crazy Munchausen disease and like to feed their kids salt. Too many normal accidents just don’t sound realistic.

Willow’s Words 2: Hello to Tooth Cat

While I wasn’t looking, my daughter became a friggin’ genius. At least, that’s how it seems to me. Everything comes so easily to her: words, numbers, letters, imaginative play. I’m so used to the feeling of working so hard to help Billy accomplish those normal milestones that when Willow does something completely normal it seems like magic. Like a miracle.

She’s known her alphabet for months now. You know, the little ABC song. But then about a month ago, she started to show us that she knew letters out of context as well. And she knows most of their sounds. When she’s in a really good mood, she can count to sixteen (I don’t know why sixteen; maybe she’s already counting the years till she can drive), sing six or so songs, name every member of our family, half a dozen colors and use a few short phrases: “He sweet.” “I hold this.” “Read it.” “No more letters.” And “Wucky. It stinks.” That last one was her review of broccoli.

She even happily asks to brush her teeth with her Hello Kitty toothbrush: “Teeth! Teeth! I hold Tooth Cat.” (Hello Kitty is now and forever always “Tooth Cat” in our house.)

There are worse role models than princesses. Jenny McCarthy, for instance.

I keep wanting to stop writing about Jenny McCarthy, and the crazy just continues. More on that later …

First of all, I’d like to report that Willow had her one-year vaccinations yesterday, and suffered no ill side effects. I gave her a half-dose of Tylenol in case the injection sites hurt her, but she didn’t run a fever, certainly didn’t have any seizures or weird reactions, and celebrated her milestone by saying a new word today: “GO!” a command she delivers imperially with an energetic pointing forward of the finger. She’s taking this whole “Princess” thing a little too seriously.

And speaking of the Princess/Fairy Tale birthday party, it was an enormous success. Willow had the time of her life, despite not being able to take a ride on the roller coaster or jump in the trampoline with the other kids. But a greater incentive to start walking I couldn’t imagine.

I was ambivalent about the whole princess theme to start with. As Dave pointed out, staring at this giant poster of Disney princesses that adorned our living room, “Their wrists are bigger than their waists.” And they’re all built like Playboy bunnies. Even Tinkerbell has received an “extreme makeover,” which seems to have included a trip to the plastic surgeon.

But you don’t have to look much further than the covers of magazines that adorn every newsstand to realize that our daughters could do worse than to look to Disney’s fairies and princesses as role models. Modern princesses like the mermaid and Pocahontas at least seem to be capable of solving their own problems, unlike poor insipid Cinderella and Snow White. And as for Mulan, she kicks booty. Of course, Mulan doesn’t make it on to the Disney princesses mega-poster. But Sleeping Beauty does. And she spends most of the story asleep.

At least she’s not getting drunk in night clubs, falling out of limos and uploading sex videos of herself to the Internet. It always disturbs me to see how many little girls turn up to a Paris Hilton book signing or want to meet Hugh Hefner’s “Girls Next Door” when they do a public appearance. Really. There are mothers who drive their tween daughters to a Playboy event. Apparently, there are even parents who buy stripper poles for their little girls.

So in light of all that, I guess I can grit my teeth at the whole Disney princess thing for a while. We still have the mega-poster up in our house, because every time Willow passes it, she points, smiles and says, “Ooooooh.” Ariel’s her favorite, and by the time she realizes that “mermaid” is not a potential career path for her, I will have had plenty of time to woo her with the stories of cool ladies like Madame Curie, Harriet Tubman, Florence Nightingale and Eleanor Roosevelt.

In fact, March is National Women’s History month, so it’s a great excuse for us to talk to our daughters about remarkable women, whether those women are famous historical figures or phenomenal ladies in their own family or friends’ circle. They may not wear a tiara or ball gown, but our hard-working mothers, teachers, nurses, female police officers, political leaders — deserve crowns for what is probably, on most days, a thankless task.

And speaking of role models, I have another reason that Jenny McCarthy should not be a spokesperson for anything but Crazytown. Apparently, before this former Playboy model became the spokesperson for the anti-vaccination crowd, she was the host of a website called This site was for people who believed their children were “Indigo” or “crystal” children. Indigo children, they claimed, are the next evolution of humanity.

I quote from the archived website: “Indigos are extremely bright, precocious children with an amazing memory and a strong desire to live instinctively. These children of the next millennium are sensitive, gifted souls with an evolved consciousness who have come here [my note: From where???!] to help change the vibrations of our lives and create one land, one globe and one species … You can have the Aura of your child photographed (white t-shirt in front of a white wall is best) and analysed to see which type your child is.” Really. Now, I believe my son is extra special too. But I don’t think he’s from another planet. Jenny McCarthy, though, may be.

There was a column from an “angel therapy practitioner” (Ask the Angels), one written by a “certified Indigo healing facilitator,” as well as one written by McCarthy herself, in which she describes the day she found out she was “an adult Indigo.” The angel practitioner, McCarthy claimed, had a direct line to the Archangel Michael. I am not making this up. In the words of one guy posting on the Science-Based Parenting blog, “This is what happens when hippies find the Internet.”

So anyway, when her son was about three years old, Jenny McCarthy believed he was “a more highly evolved species.” But if you hear her interviewed these days, she claims that something was “wrong” with her son immediately after his 18-month MMR jab. No mention of the impact that vaccinations had on his aura. No mention of how his autistic traits were actually signs of his more highly evolved soul.

Up to 2007, McCarthy was still promoting this nonsense. Eventually, when she decided that her son was, in fact, autistic and that vaccines were to blame, McCarthy shut down the Indigo site and distanced herself from this kooky group.

So just keep all this in mind if you ever find yourself slightly swayed by any arguments Jenny McCarthy makes. She was just as passionate in her support of building schools to support students’ auras and communing with the Archangel Michael through her angel therapy practitioner.
Just because she’s been on Oprah doesn’t mean she’s qualified to give medical advice. Former English soccer player David Icke believes the world is run by giant lizard people; he got interviewed on a LOT of talk shows. But I’m not going to be calling him up for tax advice next month.